About the Channel Challenges

The purpose of this site is to provide training and practice in the use of Channels for Technical Analysis, and to offer certain services and products the trading public may find of value.

I hope to make it attractive and useful for all skill levels, from professional Technical Analysts to beginners who are just taking their first look at this exciting methodology. I will provide explanations, training, examples, and opportunities to practice. We’ll also have competitions and fun activities. Hopefully everyone who visits will want to participate, and share their own expertice with all of us.

I invite all visitors to participate, but especially Technical Analysts, no matter what your present level of skill. I’d also like to encourage all visitors to participate in our Forum and/or e-mail list. I’ve also made a link to the Virtual Stock Exchange. I use them all the time for my virtual trades. When you sign up, they give you Half-a-Million Dollars ($500,000) to start your virtual account. Then you place orders just like at a real stock exchange. You can even use stops and limit orders if you’re willing to pay a small monthly fee. You can also participate in competitions, one sponsored on a regular basis by VSE themselves where you can earn real money. I will also be creating competitions from time to time, with my own set of prizes going to the winners. It is an excellent way to get good experience in the trading world without risking your own money. Remember it is free, unless you want to enhance the game with stop and limit orders.